Normally after an hour of sitting in traffic, I’m ready to go through the moon roof. But on this beautiful day in Los Angeles, total gridlock has become almost tolerable thanks to the magical seats in the 2017 Genesis G90.

In fact, I’m actually rather relaxed. I spend another hour lost in Brentwood, neither an advanced GPS system nor my spawning-salmon-like sense of direction can seem to re-route me around an impassable Sunset Boulevard. (Thanks to a major storm and numerous downed trees, you can’t get there from here.) Now I’m running pretty late to a Tiger Woods press conference at Riviera Country Club. Even after my fourth lap around the former O.J. Simpson compound, I’m still pretty chill thanks to this soft, supple, ventilated throne I’m riding on. After a lengthy backtrack I finally make it the two-and-a-half miles of actual distance from Santa Monica, where I started, to the club parking lot — three hours later.