German automaker BMW has long been associated with luxury, and if there’s one Bimmer every car enthusiast wants to put on their bucket list to drive, it’s the hybrid i8 that the company is giving a facelift to in 2017.

Made from light carbon fiber, the 2017 i8 is set to debut at this fall’s Paris Motor Show, giving onlookers a closer view of what the redesign looks like—and maybe just hear the purr of the 395 horsepower engine beneath the hood.

Take a look at some of the photos from BMW and try to tell yourself this isn’t the best car for a little espionage.

BMW i8 3

BMW i8 2

BMW i8 1

With an available convertible, the BMW i8 also has an extended electric-only driving range, making this hybrid one that doesn’t make you sound, or look, like a total hippy. The price is expected to be around $140,000, but with the sleek design and muscle this pops, that’s not steep at all!