Imagine going for a swim in a body of water where sharks live and, unbeknownst to you, one of the man-eating sea monsters happens to be a mere 15 feet from you. Pretty F’in scary if you ask me.

Now imagine that exact scenario and, as onlookers try to warn you about the situation going on behind you, you stay completely oblivious, believing that they’re just waving at you.

That’s the exact scenario going on in this photo, as an aspiring German actress and model named Simone Gutsche came within feet of a shark while swimming at Cocoa Beach off the coast of Florida.

Shark 1

Luckily, the screaming onlookers got Simone’s attention and she was able to divert from any real damage, but, damn, this is like a scary scene from the movie Jaws, not something that anyone would expect to see or live through themselves.

Talking to The Sun, here’s how Simone Gutsche described the incident.

“There was nobody in the water, not many people were around. I found the emptiness beautiful. A couple waved to me full of excitement. Out of friendliness, I waved back.”

“The people at the beach told me that just 16 feet behind me a shark was swimming. I was so terrified I didn’t go back into the sea again for days!”

Yeah, not going back in the water for days sounds like the best idea, so happy to hear Simone came out of this OK.