Netflix is great, but one of the worst thing about the service is that it’s nearly impossible to actually decide what movie or TV show you want to watch, meaning a bunch of wasted time just reading titles and a short description.

Toss that out the window, though, because it’s 2016 and Netflix just upped their game.

According to CNET, the streaming, on-demand service will now introduce custom, 15- to 30-second previews for every title in its catalogue, meaning you’ll have a little glimpse of what you may want to watch.

Here are more details about the news.

The changes are all about convenience for busy consumers in a world with a dizzying array of entertainment options and online distractions.

“What we are trying to do is live within your attention budget and find you something great to watch in that budget,” said Chris Jaffe, Netflix’s vice president of product innovation, in an interview with CNET.

Every show in Netflix’s catalog will feature a video preview that’s been manually curated to intrigue viewers. Instead of showing a specific clip from the show or movie, the video is designed as a mini reveal to introduce the story and characters.

It’s not the first time Netflix’s TV interface has shown video previews. The streaming service has been using the top half of its user interface for trailers, hiding it when people start to browse through its catalog. Now it will retain the space for video previews.

For those worried about higher bandwidth consumption, beware that Netflix says the feature can’t be turned off. However, the preview system also uses the same adaptive streaming technology as Netflix’s usual videos, which increases the resolution of the video as it plays, so that could help.

In addition, the change means users will have fewer rows to browse through compared to the old design, but that could be helpful in deciding what to watch.

The announcement of the new feature comes about a week after Netflix released the news that users will be able to download their favorite content, rather than only rely on a wi-fi signal.

Available immediately on PS4, Xbox One and Roku, the changes will take effect on Xbox 360, smart TVs and other devices in the coming weeks, per CNET.

This is big news—even if you’ll now be even more distracted from actually choosing what you want to watch.