Do you want to have the best looking and well defined abs? This series of superset exercise is the one that can do it for you. The movements target the core and abdominal muscles.

And here is the thing, this series involves not one, not two, not three, but six exercises in all. The good thing is that the whole thing only takes about four minutes. So even if you are a busy businessman, you can squeeze four minutes to better abs.

There is no joke about what all six exercises in superset mode can do for your abs. It just helps you get washboard abs faster.  

If you want faster results, you can modify the routine by resting for two minutes and repeat the whole thing all over. If you do this, you have a big chance of achieving so definitions on your abdomen.

The six exercises included in this superset for the abs are:

Planking. Do one repetition for 20 seconds then move to the next.


Lying Hollow-Body Hold which you need to do for another 20 seconds.2


Hollow-Body Bridge Hold. Do this for 20 secs and move to the next.


Goblet Squat. For this you need to do maximum repetitions for one minute.


The Suitcase Carry. Again maximum repetitions for a full minute.


Sit-up and Hip-up combo. Do this for 1 minute, maximum repetitions.