Why is it important to develop your oblique muscles? Because it protects your sides and supports your abs and lower back. It also strengthens your front.

What’s more is that it stabilizes the spine and allows it to move freely.  Healthy oblique muscles prevent debilitating lower back injuries when you lift heavy stuff.

The three exercises below strengthen and develop your oblique muscles. These will also reduce your visceral fats.  


Side planking with weights affects your obliques. At the same time it also develops your thighs and shoulders. Use a weight that you can hold up for 30 seconds. Do this for three to five sets. Take a half-a-minute breather between sets.


The next exercise is called the single-arm carry. Aside from working your obliques you get to develop a stronger grip. You need to hold a dumbbell of significant weight straight down your side. Make sure your arm and back are not bent or slouched. Walk around for about 10 minutes alternating the dumbbell between your arms every half-a-minute.


The sandbag shovel will burn your oblique muscles. All you need to do is to lift the sandbag from your side to your front using the opposite leg as the pivot and the same side leg to push. Do this alternately for 30 seconds. Rest thirty seconds and do it all over. Do the whole thing for ten minutes.