It is important that you stop these four habits before it is too late.  Orthopedic Surgeons have seen a dramatic rise of men getting joint replacements. And that is not what worries them. What worries them is that the men affected by this are getting younger. More men in their forties are getting this procedure.

There are four main culprits for this.


The first is purely running. Most men who concentrate on cardiovascular exercises get joint replacements for the knee. The reason for this is that there is not enough developed muscles around the legs and knee area to handle the pounding. All these could cause arthritis in the long run. The solution is to develop the muscles involved in running.


The second is when a person does not control his weight. If you do running, additional weight cause stress to your joints. The knee joints are the most vulnerable. Studies show that additional weight increases the chances of a knee replacement by about 40%. Mostly, younger men are affected by this.


The third is not stretching enough or not stretching at all. Stretching is important because it gives joints (and muscles) the flexibility it needs. The older you get the more stretching becomes important.


The last mistake is pushing the joints’ flexibility too far.  It is one way to generate bone spurs. If you are not flexible enough to do yoga then do not force it