The exercise is called the extended range push-up. And it just crushes your chest to the max! Your pectoral muscles are going to get a work out like they never had before. It is just one exercise but the benefits are tremendous. Five sets of this and you are on your way to stronger and better looking chest muscles.  

The exercise hits the deeper part of the chest muscles which makes it a lot bigger. This version of the push-up requires you to place each of your hands on an elevated surface. Some of the things you can use for elevation are iron plates, dumbbells, wood planks, or medicine balls. The elevation allows you to hit the deeper part of your chest. This means that you are going to work your chest muscles out and go deep into it.

It is important that you do the movement in proper form to avoid injuries.

Place the elevated surfaces about 1 foot in distance from each other.  Place each hand on an elevation and take on a push-up position. Keep your back and legs straight. Tuck your abdominal muscles in. Go down towards the floor as far as your flexibility allows. The go back to the original position.