To be a bartender at the American Bar in London’s Savoy Hotel is to be a part of history. Having played a key role in popularising the cocktail scene during the early 1900s when Ada Coleman and Harry Craddock were head bartenders, the American Bar continues to set new standards in today’s cocktail scene, as it proved when it was named Best Bar in Europe (and second in the world) at World’s 50 Best Bars 2016, and winner of the Best International Bar Team 2016 at Tales of the Cocktail festival.

Senior bartender Dominic Whisson has been a part of that award-winning team since 2013, and now works under the guidance of the bar’s 11th head bartender, Erik Lorincz. “Every time I came in I was blown away by the service I was given and the quality of the drinks, and the room,” Whisson said in an interview with Difford’s Guide. “There’s so many regulars, and about ten tables waving, smiling, how are you… There are guests who have been coming in 30 years and then regular guests: there’s nothing more satisfying than a regular guest that comes back.”

We had the chance to get a hold of Whisson for a quick interview before arrives at Singapore’s Tippling Club for Once Upon A Time At The Savoy, a one-night only takeover session on Feb 28 that will see Whisson creating classic and new cocktails, complemented by Chef Ayo Adeyemi’s modern interpretations of classic Escoffier dishes.