As much as we all want it to, winter’s still here—and we’re not quite sure when it’s going to end. While you’ve sat shivering in your garden trying to convince yourself that the sun will come out if you wait just a few more months, believe it or not, there are sexy women out there who are already running around in bikinis and playing beach volleyball.

Say a sunny hello to North Carolina native Joy Corrigan, who’s Instagram feed is so mind-blowingly sexy that it’ll thaw even the frostiest of still-winter moods. Joy’s an internationally-successful model with over 470,000 followers… and counting.

Unattainable, you say? Not necessarily. We caught up with Joy and asked how one would land an all-American bombshell such as herself. Here’s what she had to tell us.

Have A Sense Of Humor, For Crying Out Loud

“I find a guy who is confident, ambitious, and funny the most attractive,” says Joy. “When he can walk into a room and have everyone rolling on the floor pissing themselves because of a joke he just told, I will be the girl in the corner who is checking him out!”

Don’t Be A D*ck About It, Though

“Don’t be too cocky! It’s unattractive when a guy can’t make fun of himself and takes himself too seriously. If he does, I’ll just roll my eyes and walk away.”

Don’t Corner Me When I’m Alone

“If you’re going to approach me, make sure I’m not alone – a girl can feel threatened without a girlfriend to back her up,” Joy (rightly) warns. “You may want to use a super cheesy pick up line – the cheesier, the better. If you can make me and my friend laugh, then you’re already in!”

Look Way Beyond The Bar

Joy reckons looking for love in the club isn’t the most productive use of your time. “The best place to scope out a potential hot guy for me is at the library or bookstore, as I like smart guys who read once in a while.”

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

“I’m a hopeless romantic, so I love traditional guys who pick you up on your first date (or have a car sent). It’s even better if the guy makes the plans prior, and chooses a not-so-typical place to get dinner. Dinner has to end by sharing two of the most appetizing desserts on the menu—chocolate is the way to a girl’s heart, after all.”

Take Some Cooking Lessons

“Cook me dinner once in a while, and make sure you use truffles,” advises Joy. Noted.

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

“Be sweet and caring. Most of all, love me – and the occasional booty grab or neck kiss never hurts!”

Not bad advice, if you ask us! Now to some more pics of Joy Corrigan to remind us why it’s important to follow the advice of such a bombshell like herself.