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A study in the United Kingdom reveals that 9am on Sunday is the prime time for having sex, while Tuesday at 9pm is the worst time to try and take things into the bedroom.

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Timing is everything, especially when it comes to initiating sex, but until now there’s never been a series of guidelines for the best sexual timetable.

British store Superdrug has done us all a service by surveying couples to find out the best and worst times in the week for trying to get down to it.

It’s worth noting that this survey was for settled couples rather than for one-nighters, when the most popular slots would probably be 3.30am while full of vodka.

When 2,000 people were quizzed they came up with some oddly specific good and bad times, some of which make total sense while others are just a bit weird.

The best time of the week was found to be 9am on Sunday, possibly a little early but some things are worth sacrificing some extra shuteye.

But Saturday in general was the best sex day, with 11.30am, 10.30pm and 11.30pm also polling well.

Unsurprisingly, weekdays weren’t seen as such suitable days for getting down and dirty.

The least popular time was Tuesday at 9pm with 5.30pm also a dead zone — maybe because of the difficulty in getting back from work in time to meet that appointment.

Pre-work sex got a lukewarm reception. Monday 8am and Wednesday 7.30am were among the worst times, so it would seem the combination of morning breath and mentally writing your to-do list isn’t much of an aphrodisiac.

Alix Fox, who lists herself as a journalist / broadcaster / sex educator and Superdrug expert, told the Daily Mail: “It’s all too easy for sex to slip into a robotic routine, especially in long-term relationships. I’m not at all surprised that Sunday mornings are such a popular slot for sexiness: people are more relaxed, and have more time on their hands.”

So this Saturday night set that alarm for 9am, or even 8.45am if you want a little bit of time to get in the mood, otherwise you might wake up at 10 and have to wait another week for your primetime sex slot.

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