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Floral Camp Shirts Are Replacing Camo For Summer


It’s time to up the ante on your boldest warm weather wear with Hawaiian shirts 2.0.

These days, every guy seems to have a cool tropical shirt in his spring-to-summer rotation, and for good reason. They’re easy, they’re breezy, they’re colorful, and they’re usually made of skin-soothing fabrics like rayon and silk (particularly if you’re sporting a sunburn). Designer Miuccia Prada teamed up with artist Christophe Chemin to kick off the trend with a style that ended up being worn by Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and even Raf Simons in addition to numerous other stylish men around the world. This season, the next evolution of the Hawaiian shirt goes beyond good vibes with more abstract graphic prints, even bolder patterns, and in some cases full-on artworks. For summer 2017, the ante has been upped.

Photograph by Dan Roberts

Some of the new short-sleeve styles spin away from tradition with more tasteful designs, like a relatively subdued version from Wooyoungmi, while others simply throw the rulebook of good taste into a beachside fire pit. Prada’s latest, for instance, is a Frankenstein’d pattern-on-pattern-on-pattern style that could induce hypnosis if you were to stare at it too long. Stella McCartney’s iteration appears to be mid-acid trip.

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Gucci’s take is, in expected Alessandro Michele fashion, the most flat-out batshit crazy, combining “grandma’s wallpaper” prints with graphics of his favorite jungle creatures (snakes and tigers). Perhaps the most traditional of the lot from Empathy Los Angeles features, in lieu of a floral print, a picture of a flower on the front and back. It won’t be quite as much of a head-turner as the others, but it will at least keep you from looking like a first-timer in Maui. And that’s really what these shirts are all about: Standing out but, like, in a cool way. This new crop of short-sleevers are a fun update to a classic, and are even more fun to wear.

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