They’re one of the top players in the watch-making game, but now Tag Heuer is entering the digital age.

They’ve announced the Tag Heuer Connected, a watch crafted specifically to tackle the massive surge in smartwatches.

As you’d expect with Tag Heuer, it’s a watch forged from titanium, sapphire and ‘the best in class touchscreen technology’. Oh, and the wristbands come in a range of colours too, so you don’t have to stick with boring black.

You can pick whatever face you like, too – the benefit of digital so far has been being able to switch faces on the fly, depending on time of day, mood or because you’re in the gym and you want to know your heart rate. Or something.


It’s running with a little help from Google’s Android Wear, but it also works with your iPhone.

It comes with a costly price tag though. Better get saving now, or failing that, this might be one to beg Santa for.

Find out more about the Tag Heuer Connected here